Rules of Use of Roulette Systems in Online Casinos.

When playing in online casinos, in order to not get in trouble and successfully play a long time, you should follow certain rules. They were worked out based on the experience of our department, which collects and analyzes every game situation in the current online casino. In addition, these rules are dictated by the requirements and restrictions imposed by the online casinos.

1. When registering on the online casino, it is mandatory to indicate your actual personal information from your ID, such as first name, last name, address, etc. It is very important to truthfully fill out all the fields proposed by online casinos. It is in the interests of the player, because this information will be used for cashing the prize.

2. Typically, when you register a new account many internet casinos offer bonuses in the form of a small start amounts. You should NOT ACCEPT such bonuses because all the casinos will require compensation in the future, but in a 20-30 times size. And you won't be able to cash your prize until you pay off the compensation.

3. You can deposit funds to your account on online casino in several ways. You can use your credit card, electronic payments, bank transfers, etc. A list of options listed on the online casinos web sites.

4. At the beginning of each game session you have to record the exact amount of money on your online casino account, and the exact time the game started. This is necessary in order not to go beyond the time limit or gain limit. The next day, the game should start, at least, a minute later than the day before. For example, yesterday the game started at 12-00, so today you can start not earlier than at 12-01. Time count starts from the time you entered to your account.

5. Accounting is needed to know exactly at what amount you should stop the game. Here we must proceed from the following considerations. The gain of one bet on the Silver roulette program is from 1 to 43 dollars. The daily winning limit is equal to $249. That's mean when the current daily gain is 206 dollars you can make just one last bet. For example, on your account is 1620 dollars. Add $206 to this sum and you get 1,826 dollars. This amount should be recorded and highlighted. Remember that when you reach 1826 dollars on your account you can make one last bet for today. But if the amount exceeds $1826 on at least one dollar you cannot bet anymore for today. Almost all online casinos have a common database for wins of the same player. Special security script is watching if someone exceeds the limit and may limit the ability of your winnings, if you will gain more than $249 a day. Your account registered on the same name in different casinos may fall under the restrictions of the security script on each of them, in case of the over limit on at least one of the online casinos.

6. If you have noticed the frequent issue of the same numbers on the roulette wheel, for example three zeros in the row, or you have something that alerted you, in this case, we recommend you to leave this roulette table, go to the lobby and then return. Since you started on new roulette table online casino will update new records for the new game.

7. Keep in mind that in the absence of gaming activity in 40 - 60 seconds the records of throws is updated. That's why you constantly need to keep active. If there is no activity for a minute or more we suggest you to change the roulette table again.

8. To get the winning combinations by the program you have to insert the numbers that issued on roulette wheel in online casino. To generate numbers, place minimum bet of one dollar on the black and one on the red together. Using such bets you will be able to spin the roulette wheel and get results of numbers without losing anything except the times when the ball drops on zero. In this case you will lose $1. However, this slight loss is compensated in the next few moves.

9. At the entrance to the Silver roulette program you must specify the exact amount available on your account in online casino. Strictly follow all instructions. Do not follow your premonitions and intuitions. Do not make your own bets. Only in this case the winning can be guaranteed.

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