A smile of fortune is short and fickle. At all times, humanity was interested in such inexplicable quality, as luck and good fortune. How to explain the exceptional good luck of one man and repeated failures of another? Where is the border line that separates blind luck and precise calculation of guaranteed success? Is it possible to achieve our goals without relying on matter of chance and luck?

This endless interest for the ability to predict, but rather calculate the result, are fully applicable to human activity such as gambling. Probably all experienced roulette players keep questioning why fortune would usually be on the side of the dealer? Is it just luck, or you can influence the result?

But not everyone can find the right answer on such questions. An offer of a universal solution to the problem can be granted only by people who have an analytical mind and good education. Foremost there are people such as professional mathematicians and other scientists involved in the exact sciences. It is known that the mathematicians have done astonishing discoveries in the hybrid fields of science.

A young mathematician-physicist Alla Bergen questioned these issues in the mid 80-ies. Graduated the Faculty of Mathematics of Technical University of Munich (TUM) in 1984 and received an excellent education, she was invited to work in the university. While studying at the university Alla was interested in research on mathematical foundation of various numerical lotteries.

It was purely academic work, not intended to be used for practical purposes. However, later it served as the foundation for a unique roulette program which allowed high accuracy in calculations of numbers.

The fact that as a student, Alla, as well as any young woman was not only interested in science and education, but also private life. She has had a good friend who loved two things: his girlfriend Alla and gambling. But he was fatally unlucky. He would leave all his low income in casino. Scientific interest and commitment to resolve this issue lead Alla to apply her research ideas into practice.

With a tenacious intelligence, observation, and outstanding ability for analytical thinking she noticed that the hand movements of each dealer are purely personal, and obviously that combination of numbers is largely dependent on the strength of throw, the trajectory and natural characteristics of motility movements of a particular person. Based on these observations, Alla concluded that her mathematical research may help to create some sort of algorithm that can compute the winning combination.

Modern science and life circumstances lead to the appearance of this unique roulette program. At the first stage of creating such a system, Alla was building up database on the winning combinations, issued by the same casino dealer. At the same time she began to look for information on the physiological characteristics of human movement, minor finger motility and the study of human psychological types.

To her surprise, Alla found out that quite profound research in this area was conducted by a team of psychologists from England in the 70's. Of course, these studies were not designed to increase the chances of winning on roulette. Their object was roulette dealers and casino regulars. They were intended to clarify the effect of gambling on the psycho-emotional state.

Having collected a considerable amount of material, Alla decided to systematize new knowledge and combine with her study from university. A long-term work ended up without any result many times. However, the natural resilience and great scientific interest enabled her to create a unique instrument presented in the form of a gaming system, which was implemented in online program presented on our site.

The main motive that allowed to accomplish such a huge amount of work, was a great scientific interest, the complexity of a problem and a desire to help her friend. The result of painstaking 13-year work has been the appearance of this unique roulette system, which calculates the results of the casino dealer's throws and comes to conclusion. Based on these results it can predict a winning combination with the highest accuracy.

The result of such a complex work, implemented as a game system, was appreciated by many. And for herself, this roulette system has become a real incarnation of her academic ambitions and confirmation of her highest professionalism as a mathematician.

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